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Tractor highly clired l-1500
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Posted: 21 August 2019, 10:17

Tractor highly clired l-1500

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Рубин Михаил Владимирович
Flagma member since 6 December 2014


Tractor high-clearance L-1500 (Chassis self-propelled high-clearance) with a set of interchangeable modules
Designed to perform a wide range of technological operations in fruit and in decorative nurseries, namely:
- inter-row cultivator tillage;
- interrow milling tillage;
- continuous spraying of trees;
- herbicidal treatment of subcrown tree space.
The high-clearance tractor is designed and manufactured for agrotechnical operations with tall crops.
This machine is designed to work in garden and forest nurseries, tea plantations, cotton growing, tobacco growing, etc., where there is a need for a large agricultural clearance.
Structurally, the machine is made on a modular basis, where the lower module-high-lined platform with the running gear in the form of four equal wheels and the drive system in the form of chain gearboxes is the chassis on which the power module is installed with the control post-wheel tractor MTZ of the traction class 1.4 with the front mounted axle and rear driving wheels. The upper and lower modules are connected to each other by means of bolted connections, and the output shafts of the rear drive axle of the tractor are kinematically connected with the leading sprockets of chain gears.
The machine is controlled by turning the front vertical posts of the lower module around its axis by means of the steering of the tractor.
The amount of clearance and gauge size are determined by the parameters of the lower module and can be selected in accordance with the requirements of agricultural engineering for specific operating conditions.
The machine retains its classic hydraulically operated rear hinged system and is additionally equipped with a parallelogram-type front hitch.
T. O. the machine as a whole, having retained all the parameters and functions of a wheeled tractor of a traction class of 1.4 ton-force, acquired the ability to work with crops that grow up to 150 cm, without hurting the latter.
Wheel type
Wheel formula 4 * 2
Engine Type Diesel
Power, kW / hp 60/80
Transmission, type Mechanical
Traction class, ie 1.4
Clearance, mm 1500
Terms of delivery: Free warehouse of the Sender, but delivery can be made by transport of the Supplier.
Terms of payment: 100% prepayment.
The delivery time is 24 calendar days from the date of receipt of money to the bank account of the Supplier.

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Flagma member since 6 December 2014

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